Handling toxic substances

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IKAPOL is a company that offers products, which help in dealing with harmful and toxic substances. The solutions they sell can be used both by manufacturers and smaller businesses to protect the environment from hazardous spills. The customers can buy there protective gear for their employees and a number of chemicals used to clean the surfaces and containers. Moreover, they can also buy the tanks and barrels to keep the substances in them, as well as collecting pans, which are an additional way for protecting the soil from toxic stains.

A collecting pan

A collecting pan, known also as a drip tray, is a solution used in various companies for storing both large and small containers with hazardous substances. This product is placed underneath the containers in use - IBC tanks, barrels and smaller vessels - to collect any spills. This way the ground is protected from getting contaminated by the stored liquids. Such a collecting pan is made of reliable materials, which can be used with various chemicals. Additional information about the sizes and capacity of those products can be found on the company's website.

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